RapidMiner Tutorial

1. Introduction to the RapidMiner Studio GUI https://youtu.be/Gg01mmR3j-g

2. The RapidMiner Marketplace   https://youtu.be/pjBqG3xtXx4

3. Visualizing Data in RapidMiner Studio https://youtu.be/IFOJ14apRJE  

4. How to Import Data into a Repository https://youtu.be/DS-tYhgA5lA

5. Open Excel Spreadsheet in RapidMiner https://youtu.be/74WZaYvLNIA

6. Introduction to Turbo Prep https://youtu.be/BZRVJMUk4nE

7. Turbo Prep – Merging Data https://youtu.be/Avhsceskq-M

8. Turbo Prep – Data Pivoting https://youtu.be/KRcUKQexkbo

9. Turbo Prep – Data Cleansing https://youtu.be/-mhEqZtAKdc

10. Data Preparation https://youtu.be/vzV3OT2h1Gg

11. Setup and Use Connections to Databases  https://youtu.be/c2DNmaPGGLQ