A Course of Mathematical Analysis

Authors: Shanti Narayan – P K Mittal

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


Contents :1. Real Numbers L Bounded Sets, Open And Closed Sets 2. Real Sequences 3. Real Valued Functions Of A Single Real Variable, Limit And Continuity 4. Real Valued Functions Of A Single Real Variable 5. Derivability 6. Riemann Integrability 7. Sequences Or Functions Point-Wise And Uniform Convergence 8. Elementary Functions 9. Improper Integrals 10 Fourier Series 11. Euclidean Spaces 12. Open And Closed Sets 13. Compact Sets 14. Real Valued Functions Of Several Real Variables. 15. Limit L Continuity 16. Partial Derivatives 17. Invertible Functions 18. Implicit Functions 19. Integrals As Functions Of A Parameter 20. Integration In R2 Line Integrals. Double Integrals 21. Curve Lengths. Surface Areas 22. Integration In R3 Gauss’S And Stoke’S Theorems 23. Answers 24. Appendix

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