A Textbook of Biotechnology, 6e

Author: R C Dubey

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


1. Biotechnology: Scope And Importance 2. Genes: Nature, Concept And Synthesis 3. Tools Of Genetic Engineering – I: Basic Requirements 4. Tools Of Genetic Engineering–Ii: Cutting And Joining Of Dna 5. Tools Of Genetic Engineering – Iii: Cloning Vectors 6. Techniques Of Genetic Engineering (Cloning Methods And Dna Analysis) 7. Genetic Engineering For Human Welfare 8. Genomics And Proteomics 9. Bioinformatics 10. Animal Cell, Tissue And Organ Culture 11. Manipulation Of Reproduction And Transgenic Animals 12. In Vitro Culture Techniques Of Plant Cells, Tissues And Organs 13. Applications Of Plant Cell, Tissues And Organ Cultures 14. Molecular Markers Of Plant And Animal Genomes 15. Cryopreservation …..26. Biotechnology And Biosafety, Intellectual Property Right (Ipr) And Protection (Ipp) Glossary Bibliography Index

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