An Overview of Basic Theoretical Physics

Authors: K D Abhyankar – A W Joshi

Publisher: Universities Press


Chapter 1. Hamiltonian Mechanics 

Introduction; System of n particles in Cartesian coordinates; Generalised quantities; Validity of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian equations in generalized coordinates; Principle of least action; Poisson brackets; Contact transformation; Hamilton-Jacobi equation; Some applications of Hamilton-Jacobi equations; The two-body problem; Virial theorem; Problems 

Chapter 2. Special and General Theories of Relativity 

Background; Lorentz transformations; Generalised Lorentz transformations; Kinematic applications; Minkowski space; Relativistic mechanics; Elements of general theory of relativity; Gravitational lensing; Problems 

Chapter 3. Classical Theory of Radiation 

Maxwell’s equations; Electromagnetic waves; Electromagnetic radiation by a molecule; Harmonic oscillator; Properties of transmitting medium; Relativistic transformation of electromagnetic fields; Electrodynamics of moving charges; Scattering of small particles; Appendix; Problems 

Chapter 4. Thermodynamics 

Definitions; Equation of state; Changes in thermodynamic systems; First law of thermodynamics; Specific heats; Second law of thermodynamics; Absolute temperature; Entropy; The phase rule; Important thermodynamic functions; Theorem of radiation; Spectrum of thermal radiation; Problems 

Chapter 5. Atomic Spectra and Quantum Mechanics 

Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom; Sommerfeld’s modification of Bohr’s theory; Fundamentals of quantum mechanics; One-dimensional motion; Hydrogen and hydrogen-like atoms in quantum mechanics; Electron spin; Effect of spin in other atoms; Zeeman and Stark effects; Problems 

Chapter 6. Molecular Spectra 

Introduction; Pure rotational bands; Vibration-rotation bands; Electronic bands; Multiplet structure of electronic states; Isotope effects; Strengths of bands and lines; Some typical examples of molecular spectra; Problems 

Chapter 7. Quantum Theory of Radiation 

Quantization of pure radiation; Radiation and matter; First order approximation for transition; Computation of transition probabilities; Absorption, emission, and Einstein coefficients; Weisskopf.-Wigner picture; Problems 

Chapter 8. Statistical Mechanics 

Kinetic theory of gases; Fundamentals of statistical mechanics; Expression for probability; Population functions; Equation of state for fermions; Some aspects of Bose gas; Classical non-degenerate state; Departure from thermodynamic equilibrium; Problems 

Chapter 9. Elements of Nuclear and Particle Physics 

Discovery of the nucleus; Structure of the nucleus; Nuclear reactions and liquid-drop model of nucleus; Elements of particle physics; Applications in astrophysics; Problems 



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