Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Lab

 Venugopal – Prabhu Raja – Sreekanjana



  1. Introduction to autoCAD
  2. Invoking commands in autoCAD
  3. File management
  4. Basic autoCAD commands
  5. Advanced autoCAD commands
  6. Object selection methods
  7. Creating text
  8. Basic display commands
  9. Basic dimensioning
  10. Editing and modification
  11. Object properties
  12. Drafting settings
  13. Working with layers
  14. Co-ordinate systems
  15. Creation of polygons and multiline figures
  16. Title blocks
  17. Parabola and spiral curves
  18. Top and front views of simple solids
  19. Orthographic views of pictorial views
  20. Plan of residential building
  21. Simple steel truss
  22. Sectional views of simple solids
  23. Isometric projection of simple objects
  24. 3D modeling and creation of multi-view drawing.





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