Dynamics, 3e

Author: Dr. M.D. Raisinghania

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


1. Basic Concepts Of Dynamics 2. Work,Power,Energy And Impulse, System Of Particles And Conservation Principles 3. Rectilinear Motion With Variable Acceleration 4. Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M) 5. Plane Kinematics 6. Projectiles 7. Direct And Oblique Impacts 8. Constrained Motion In Vertical And Horizontal Circles 9. Central Orbits 10.The Inverse Square Law 11.Constrained Motion In A Plane 12.Motion In Resisting Medium. Motion On Rough Curves.Motion When The Mass Moving Varies 13.Motion In Three Dimensions 14.Moments And Products Of Interita 15.D’Alembert’S Principle.The General Equations Of Motion 16.Motion About A Fixed Axis 17.Some Aspects Of Rigid Body Dynamics

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