Elementary Biochemistry, 3e

Authors: J L Jain – Nitin Jain – Sunjay Jain

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


1. Introduction,

2. Water: The Solvent of Life,

3. pH and Buffers,

4. The Atom and Chemical Bonds,

5. Carbohydrates-I: General Structure of Monosaccharides,

6. Carbohydrates-II: Properties of Monosaccharides,

7. Carbohydrates III: Oligosaccharides,

8. Carbohydrates- IV: Polysaccharides,

9. Proteins-I: General Structure,

10. Proteins-II: Classification,

11. Proteins-III: General Properties,

12. Lipids-I: General Structure,

13. Lipids-II: Classification,

14. Lipids-III: Properties of Fats and Oils,

15. Nucleic Acids,

16. Enzymes-I: Nomenclature and Classification,

17. Enzymes-II: Characteristics and 3-‘;D’ Structure,

18. Enzymes-III: Mechanism of Enzyme Action,

19. Animal Hormones,

20. Plant Hormones,

21. Fat – Soluble Vitamins,

22. Water – Soluble Vitamins,

23. Biochemical Techniques,

24. Biochemical Experiments •


I. Selected Bibliography,

II. Greek Alphabet,

III. Exponential Notation,

IV. The International System of Units,

V. Hints for Using the Metric System,

VI. Comparison of Metric and Other Units,

VII. Mathematical Signs and Symbols,

VIII. Relative Sizes of Structures, from Atoms to Eggs,

IX. The Nobel Prizes,

X. A Short Chronology of Biochemistry

• Indices


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