Essentials of Business Economics

Author: D N Dwivedi

Publisher: S Chand Publishing [Vikar Imprint]


Part-I: Introduction: 1. Economics and Business Economics, 2. The Economy, its Basic Problems and Price Mechanism, 3. Laws of Demand and Supply and Market Equilibrium

Part-II: Theory of Consumer Demand: 4. Analysis of Individual Demand, 5. Elasticity of Demand, 6. Demand Forecasting

Part-III: Production and Cost Analysis: 7. Theory of Production, 8. Theory of Cost

Part-IV: Market Structure and The Firm’s Objectives: 9. Market Structure and The Firm’s Objectives, 10. Price and Output Determination Under Perfect Competition, 11. Pricing Decisions Under Monopoly, 12. Pricing Decision Under Monopolistic Competition, 13. Pricing Decisions Under Oligopoly

Part-V: Factor Market: Factor and Factor Pricing: 14. Factor Market: Factor Demand and Supply, 15. Theory of Wage Determination, 16. Theory of Rent, Quasi-Rent and Economic Rent, 17. Theories of Interest, 18. Theories of Profit

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