Experiments in Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Tissue Culture and Microbial Biotechnology

Author: Dr. K R Aneja

Publisher: New Age International


Section 1: Scope and Historical Development of Microbiology
Section 2: Laboratory Rules, Tools, Equipment and Other Requirements in Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratories
Section 3: Microscopy
Section 4:Micrometry
Section 5: Counting of Cells/Spores of Microorganisms
Section 6: Microscopic Examination of Living Microorganisms
Section 7: Preparation of Bacterial and Blood Smears
Section 8: Staining Methods
Section 9: Control of Microorganisms
Section 10: Preparation of Culture Media
Section 11: Cultivation Techniques for Isolation and Enumeration of Microorganisms
Section 12: Methods of Obtaining Pure Cultures of Microorganisms
Section 13: Maintenance of Pure Cultures
Section 14: Measurement of Growth and Enumeration of Microorganisms and Factors Influencing Growth
Section 15: Biochemical Activities of Microorganisms
Section 16: Identification of an Unknown Microorganism (Bacterium, Mold, Protozoan)
Section 17: Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Section 18: Water Microbiology
Section 19: Food, Dairy, Industrial and Agricultural Microbiology
Section 20: Bacterial Genetics
Section 21: Plant Pathological Methods
Section 22: Plant Tissue Culture
Section 23: Mushroom Production Technology

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