Authors: B R Vashishta – A K Sinha – ANIL KUMAR

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


Section-I: Division Mycota
• The Fungi: General Characters and Classification • Subdivision: Myxomycotina, Class: Myxomycetes • Subdivision: Eumycotina, The Lower Fungi (Phycomycetes) • Subdivision: Eumycotina, Class: Chytridiomycetes • Subdivision: Eumycotina, Class: Plasmodiophoromycetes • Subdivision: Eumycotina, Class: Oomycetes • Subdivision: Eumycotina, Class: Zygomycetes • Subdivision: Eumycotina, The Higher Fungi • Subclass: Hemiascomycetidae (Yeasts) • Subclass: Euascomycetidae, Series — Plectomycetes • Subclass: Euascomycetidae, Series — Hymenoasco • Subclass: Euascomycetidae, Sub-Sereis: Discomycetes • The Higher Fungi, Class: Basidiomycetes • Subclass: Heterobasidiomycetidae • Subclass: Homobasidiomycetidae • Class: Deuteromycetes (Fungi Imperfecti) • Fungi: General Topics and Discussion

Section-II: Schizomycota, Viruses and Mycoplasma
• Schizomycota: Bacteria • Viruses, Viroids and Mycoplasma

Section-III: Lichens

Section-IV: Elementary Plant Pathology
• Principles of Plant Pathology • Examples of Important Plant Diseases • Plant Parasitic Nematodes


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