Group Theory in Chemistry

Authors: Asok K Mukherjee – Bankim Chandra Ghosh

Publisher: Universities Press


1: Elements of symmetry, symmetry operations and point groups 
2: Symmetry of the Platonic solids
3: Vector space and matrices
4: Representation of symmetry operators and point groups by matrices
5: The great orthogonality theorem and its consequences
6: Direct product groups and enumeration of crystallographic point groups
7: Link between group theory and quantum mechanics
8: Chemical bonding I: molecular orbital theory
9: Chemical bonding II: localised molecular orbitals
10: Chemical bonding III: Hückel method of p-mo calculation
11: Molecular vibrations: infrared and Raman spectroscopy
12: Spin–orbit coupling: term symbols
13: Crystal field theory and bonding in metal complexes
14: Orbital symmetry in pericyclic reactions
Appendix 1 Proof of the great orthogonality theorem
Appendix 2 Regular representation of point groups and the celebrated theorem
Appendix 3 Character tables of some important point groups
Appendix 4 Correlation tables for Oh and Td  groups

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