Industrial Microbiology

Author: Casida 

Publisher: New Age International


Part I: Introduction

  • Definition and Scope of Industrial Microbiology
  • Historical Development of Industrial Microbiology Concepts
  • Fermentation Equipment and Its Use

Part II: Basis and Development of Industrial Fermentation Processes

  • Screening
  • Detection and Assay of Fermentation Products
  • Stock Cultures
  • Fermentation Media
  • Inoculum Preparation
  • Scale-Up of Fermentations
  • Increasing Product Yields
  • Phage
  • Dual of Multiple Fermentations
  • Continuous Fermentations and Late Nutrient Additions
  • Biological Waste Treatment
  • Patents and Secret Processes
  • Fermentation Economics

Part III: Typical Fermentation Processes

  • Antibiotic Fermentations
  • Anaerobic Fermentations
  • Environmental Control of Metabolic Pathways
  • Genetic Control of Metabolic Pathways
  • Microbial Oxidative Transformations of Substrate
  • Hydrocarbon Fermentations
  • Microbial Cells as Fermentation Products
  • Vitamins and Growth Stimulants
  • Enzymes as Fermentation Products
  • Organic Acids

Part IV: The Future

  • Outlook for Industrial Microbiology


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