International Economics, 2e

Author: H G Mannur

Publisher: S Chand [Vikas Imprint}


Part One: International Trade Theory and Commercial Policy:
1. Introduction: The Principle of Trading, 2. The Classical Theory of International Trade: Comparative Advantage Model, 3. International Trade Equilibrium: Neo-Classical Analysis, 4. Terms of Trade: Concepts and Significance, 5. Foreign Trade and National Economies, 6. The Modern Theory of International Trade, 7. Obstacles to Trade and Trade Restrictions, 8. Commercial Policy-The Tariff Issue, 9. Commercial Policy: The Theory of Customs Unions

Part Two: Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Rate:
10. The Balance of Payments: Definitions and Concepts, 11. Foreign Trade and National Economics, 12. The Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Rate, 13. Balance of Payments Adjustment Mechanism: Automatic System, 14. Balance of Payments Adjustment: Policy Issues, 15. Optimum Currency Area Theories, 16. International Liquidity and The World Monetary System, 17. Trade Problems of Less Developed Countries

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