International Economics: Theory and Practice

Author: D N Dwivedi

Publisher: S Chand Publishing [Vikas Imprints]


1. Introduction to International Economics, 2. The Basis of International Trade, 3. The Classical Theory of Trade: The Theory of Comparative Advantage, 4. The Standard Theory of Comparative Cost Advantage, 5. The Law of Reciprocal Demand and Ters of Trade, 6. The Heckscher – OHLIN Theory of Trade: The Factor Endowments Theory, 7. Factor Price Equalization and Income Distribution: A Detailed Analysis, 8. Post-Heckscher-Ohlin Theories of Trade, 9. Economic Growth and International Trade, 10. Free Trade Vs Restricted Trade Policy, 11. The Economics of Tariff, 12. Non-Tariff Trade Barriers and New Protectionism, 13. Economics of Customs Union and Free Trade Areas, 14. International Trade and Economic Development, 15. Trade Problems and Trade Policy of Developing Countries, 16. Balance of Payments: Meaning, Purpose and Measurement, 17. Balance of Payments: Equilibrium and Disequilibrium, 18. Foreign Exchange Market, 19. Exchange Rate Determination, 20. The Exchange Rate Policy: Fixed Vs Flexible Exchange Rates, 21. Balance-of-Payments Adjustment: An Overview, 22. The Price Mechanism of Automatic BOP Adjustment, 23. Income Adjustment Mechanism of BOP Adjustment, 24. Monetary Approach to BOP Adjustment, 25. Balance of Payments Adjustment Policy: The Expenditure-Changing Approach, 26. The Expenditure – Switching Policy of BOP Adjustment and Direct Controls, 27. International Monetary System, 28. The World Bank, 29. European Monetary System and European Monetary Union, 30. International Trade Organizations, 31. Regional Trade Agreements, 32. India’s Foreign Trade, 33. India’s Balance of Payments

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