Laboratory Manual of Biotechnology

Authors: Ashish S Verma – Surajit Das – Anchal Singh

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


1. Before We Start (BS), 2. Bioanalytical Techniques (BT), 3. Cell Biology and
Cytogenetics (CB), 4. Microbiology (MI), 5. Biochemistry (BI), 6. Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA Technology (MB), 7. Enzymology and Enzyme Technology (ET), 8. Animal Biotechnology (AB), 9. Hematology and Serology (HS), 10. Immunology (IM), 11. Bioprocess Engineering and Fermentation Technology (BP), 12. Plant Biotechnology (PB) • Appendices: I: Scientific Notation: How to deal with them?, II: Dilutions: How to Dilute?, III: The Greek Alphabets, IV: SI Prefixes and their Etymologies, V: Commonly Used Buffers, VI: General Information, VII: Common Reagents, VIII: Graphs, IX: List of Suppliers • Abbreviations • Reference Books • Index


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