Managerial Economics, 9e

Author: H L Ahuja

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


Part-I: Managerial Economics: Nature, Scope and Optimisation Techniques
• The Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics • Basic Model of the Firm and Role of Profits • Optimisation: Concepts and Techniques • Marginal and Incremental Analysis 

Part-II: Demand Analysis and Theory of Consumer’s Choice
• Demand and Demand Function • Elasticity of Demand • Consumer’s Behaviour: Cardinal Utility Analysis • Indifference Curve Analysis of Demand • Revealed Preference Theory of Demand • Demand Estimation • Demand Forecasting

Part-III: Theory of Production and Cost Analysis
• The Theory of Production: Returns to a Variable Factor • Production Function with Two Variable Inputs • Optimum Input Combination • Cost Analysis • Break-Even Analysis (Cost-Volume Profit Analysis) • Linear Programming • Supply and its Elasticity

Part-IV: Pricing and Output Decisions in Various Market Structures
• Market Structures and Price and Output Determination Under Perfect Competition • Pricing and Output Decisions under Monopoly • Pricing and Output Decisions under Monopolistic Competition • Price and Output Determination under Oligopoly • Non-Price Competition: Advertising Expenditure • Government Policies Towards Monopoly and Competition

Part-V: Pricing Practices and Strategies, Managerial and Behavioural Models of The Firm
• Cost-Plus (or Mark-up) Pricing • Price Discrimination • Pricing of Multiple Products • Transfer Pricing • Pricing in Non-Profit Enterprises, Ramsey Pricing and Peak-Load Pricing • Sales Maximisation Model of Oligopoly Firm • Managerial Theories of the Firm: Marris and Williamson’s Models • Behavioural Model of the Firm (Satisficing Theory of the Firm) • Theory of Games and Strategic Behaviour

Part-VI: Capital Budgeting and Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty
• Capital Budgeting: Long-term Investment Analysis • Cost of Capital • Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty • Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty (Continued)

Part-VII: Macroeconomics for Management
• Macroeconomics: Issues and Concepts • Macroeconomic Aggregates: Aggregate Consumption, Gross Domestic Saving and Capital Formation • National Income Aggregates (GDP & GNP) and their Measurement • Determination of National Income: Keynes’s Two Sector Basic Model • Determination of National Income with Government and Foreign Trade: Three Sector and Four Sector Models • Consumption and Investment Demand • Money Supply, Money Demand and Money Market Equilibrium • The IS-LM Curve Model (Synthesis of Monetary and Real Factors) • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply: Flexible Price Model • International Economic Linkages and Mundell-Fleming Model • Inflation: Nature and Causes • Analysis of Business Cycles • Economic Stabilisation: Fiscal Policy • Economic Stabilisation: Monetary Policy • Monetary Policy and Economic Growth with Special Reference to India • Role of Fiscal Policy in Economic Development: Taxation • Role of Fiscal Policy: Government Borrowing for Financing Development



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