Mathematical Statistics,2e

Authors: H.C. Saxena – J. N. Kapur

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


Introduction | Frequency Distributions And Measures Of Location Measures Of Dispersions, Skewness & Kurtosis, Moments Of Frequency Distributions| Theory Of Probability | Discrete Probability Distributions | Special Discrete Probability Distributions | Univariate Continuous Probability Distributions| Special Continuous Probability Distributions | Principle Of Least Squares, Fittings Of Curves & Orthogonal Polynomials | Correlation And Regression| Multiple And Partial Correlation | Theory Of Sampling | Exact Sampling Distributions | Tests Of Significance Based On T, F And Z Distributions| Tests Of Significance Based On The Chi-Square Distribution | Statistical Theory Of Point Estimation | Testing Of Hypotheses, Sequential Analysis Distribution -Free Methods, Statistical Decision Theory | Elements Of Stochastic Processes | Order Statistics | Appendices I To Iii,| Index | Log Tables| Statistical Tables

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