Microbiology: Questions and Answers, 5e

Authors: Dr. Purshotam Kaushik – Dr Kirti Kaushik

Publisher: S Chand Publishers


• History of Microbiology • Development of Microbiology in India • Microscopy • Ecological Groups of Microorganisms • Microbial Diversity • Extremophiles: The Organisms which grow in Extreme or Harshest Environments • Aeromicrobiology (Microbiology of Air) • Prokaryotes (Procaryotes) • Bacteria • Plasmids • Bergey’s Manual • Viruses • Ribosomal RNA in Microbial Taxonomy • Cultivation (Cultures) and Growth of Microorganisms • Control of Microbial Growth (Physical, Chemical and Antibiotic) • Normal Microflora, Symbiotic Relationship and Pathogenicity • Medical Microbiology • Microbial Diseases (Diseases Caused by Microorganisms) • Algae, Protozoa and Multicellular Parasites • Infectious Diseases and Diagnostic Immunological Techniques • Bacterial Pathogens and Diseases • Fungal Diseases or Mycoses • Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS • Immunology • Microbial Genetics • Microbial Biotechnology • Animal Cloning • Industrial Microbiology • Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Microbial Technology • Food and Dairy Microbiology • Soil Microbiology • Biogeochemical Cycling • Water and Wastewater Microbiology • Biofertilizers • Mycorrhizae • Biosensors: Bacteria that Detect Toxic Pollutants • Biological Control • Biopesticides • Applications of Microbiology • Molecular Biology • Tools and Techniques of Molecular Biology • Xenobiotics: The Foreign Chemicals in the Body • Biochemistry of the Molecules of Life • Carbohydrates or “Hydrates” of Carbon or Saccharides • Lipids • Proteins: Structure and Function • Enzymes: Biological Catalysts or Biocatalysts • Enzyme Technology or Applications of Enzymes • Metabolism: Catabolism and Anabolism • Milestones or Land Marks in Microbiology • Bioinformatics • Objective Assessment • Suggested Readings • Subject Index

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