Microeconomics: Theory and Applications, 3e

Author: D N Dwivedi

Publisher: S Chand Publishing [Vikas Imprint]


Part-I: Introduction: 1. Introduction to Microeconomics, 2. The Economy: Its Basic Problems and Working System, Part-II: Market Mechanism: How Markets Work: 3. The Market Forces: Demand and Supply, 4. Elasticity of Demand and Supply, 5. Application of Market Laws and Elasticities, Part-III: Theory of Consumer Demand: 6. Theory of Consumer Demand: Cardinal Utility Approach, 7. Theory of Consumer Demand: Ordinal Utility Approach, 8. Application of Indifference Curve Analysis, 9. Revealed Preference Theory, 10. Consumer Surplus: Measurement and Application, Part-IV: Theory of Production and Cost Analysis: 11. Theory of Production-I: Laws of Returns to a Variable Input, 12. Theory of Production-II: Production with Two Variable Inputs, 13. Theory of Cost, 14. Optimum Combination of Inputs, Part-V: Theory of Firm: Theory of Price and Output Determination: 15. Market Structure and Objectives of Business Firms, 16. Price and Output Determination Under Perfect Competition, 17. Application of Competitive Market Analysis, 18. Price and Output Determination Under Monopoly, 19. Price and Output Determination Under Monopolistic Competition, 20. Price and Output Determination Under Oligopoly, 21. Theory of Sales Maximization and Game Theory of Oligopoly, Part-VI: Factor Market and Factor Pricing: 22. The Factor Market: Factor Demand and Supply, 23. Wage Determination Under Perfect Competition, 24. Wage and Employment Under Imperfect Competition, 25. Theory of Rent, 26. Theories of Interest, 27. Interest Rate and Investment Decisions, 28. Theories of Profit, 29. Product Exhaustion Theorem, Part-VII: General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics: 30. General Equilibrium Analysis, 31. Welfare Economics: Pareto Optimality, 32. New Welfare Economics, 33. Market Failures and Provision of Public Goods

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