Modern Economic Theory

Authors: K K Dewett  – M H Navalur

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


Part – One: Price Theory Or Micro Economics

Unit – I : Nature And Methodology Of Economics

Unit – II : Theory Of Demand

Unit – III: Theory Of Production

Unit- IV: Product Pricing

Unit – V : Factor Pricing

Part – Two: Theory Of Income And Employment Or Macro-Economics

Unit – I: Social Accounting

Unit- II: Theory Of Income Determination

Unit III: Economic Fluctuations

Part- Three: Money And Banking

Unit – I: Monetary Standards And Theory Of Money And Prices

Unit – II: Banking

Part – Four: International Economics

Unit – I: International Trade Theory

Unit – II: Balance Of Payments And International Monetary System

Part – Five : Public Finance

Part – Six: Economic Systems

Part – Seven: Economics Of Development And Planning

Part – Eight : Economics Of Welfare Welfare Economics


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