Plane Trigonometry: Part-I

Author: S L Loney

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


  1. Measurement of Angles; Sexagesimal, Centesimal and Circular Measure,
  2. Trigonometrical Ratios for Angles less than a Right Angle
  3.  Simple Problems in Heights and Distances,
  4.  Application of Algebraic Signs to Trigonometry,
  5.  Trigonometrical Functions of Angles of any Size and Sign,
  6.  General Expression for all Angles Having a Given Trigonometrical Ratio,
  7.  Trigonometrical Ratio of the Sum and Difference of Two Angles,
  8.  The Trigonometrical Ratio of Multiple and Submultiple Angles,
  9.  Identities and Trigonometrical Equations,
  10.  Logarithms,
  11.  Tables of Logarithms and Trigonometrical Ratios, Principle of Proportional Parts,
  12.  Relations Between the Sides and the Trigonometrical Ratios of the Angles of any Triangle,
  13.  Solution of Triangles,
  14.  Heights and Distances,
  15.  Properties of a Triangles,
  16.  On Quadrilaterals and Regular Polygons,
  17. 17. Trigonometrical Ratios of Small Angles, Area of a Circle, DIP of the Horizon
  18.  Inverse Circular Functions,
  19.  On Some  Simple Trigonometrical Series,
  20.  Elimination,
  21.  Projections • Miscellaneous Examples

• Answers • Table of Logarithms, Natural Sines, Cosines and Tangents, Logarithms

Sines, Cosines Tangents and Radian Measure of Angles

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