Plane Trigonometry: Part II

Author: S L Loney

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


1. Exponential and Logarithms Series, 2. Complex Quantities, DE Moivre’s
Theorem, 3. Expansions of sin nq and cos nq, Series for sinq and cosq in Powers of q, 4. Expansions of Sines and Cosines of Multiple Angles and of Powers of Sines and Cosines, 5. Exponential Series for Complex Quantities, Circular Functions for Complex Angles, Hyperbolic Functions, 6. Logarithm of Complex Quantities, 7. Gregory’s Series Calculation of the Values of p, 8. Summation of Series, Expansions in Series, 9. Resolution into Factors, Infinite Products for Sinq and Cosq, 10. Principle of Proportional Parts, 11. Errors in Observation, 12. Miscellaneous Propositions • Miscellaneous Examples • Additional Miscellaneous Examples • Answers 

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