Plant Tissue Culture

Authors: Vinay Sharma – Afroz Alam

Publisher: IK International


1. Introduction
2. Basic Equipment and Facilities for Plant Tissue Culture
3. Media Composition
4. Tissue Culture Techniques
5. Plant Cell Culture
6. Protoplast Isolation and Culture
7. Somatic Hybridization
8. Somatic Embryogenesis
9. Synthetic Seed
10. Micropropagation
11. Haploid Production
12. Triploid Production
13. Embryo Culture
14. Germplasm Storage
15. Genetic Transformation
16. Genetically Modified (GM) Plants: Its Risks and Benefits
17. Metabolic Engineering
18. Plant Genetic Engineering—Genes of Interest
19. Molecular Markers and Their Applications in Plant Species
20. Plant Tissue Culture & Scope for Entrepreneurs

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