Plant Viruses, Diseases and Their Management

Author: Kajal Kumar Biswas

Publisher: IK International


1. History and milestone in plant virology
2. Symptomatology and physiological changes
3. Virus components and morphology
4. Genome structure and organization
5. Morphology of virus
6. Sub-viral agents
7. Virus classification
8. Transmission of plant virus: Mechanical, vegetative, dodder and seed transmission
9. Transmission of plant virus: Vector transmission
10. Virus description
11. Expression and function of virus gene
12. Replication of pant viruses
13. Virus movement and distribution in the plant
14. Plant virus variation and evolution
15. Identification, isolation, purification, detection of virus
16. Plant virus ecology and epidemiology
17. Virus diseases in plant
18. General management strategies of virus diseases
19. Advanced techniques in Plant Virology

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