Problems and Solutions: Physical Chemistry

Authors: C Kalidas – M V Sangaranarayanan

Publisher: Universities Press


Fundamental Constants 
1 Gaseous State  
2 Thermodynamics  
3 Electrochemistry 
4 Chemical Kinetics 
5 Liquid State 
6 Surface Chemistry, Catalysis and Colloids 
7 Solid State 
8 Photochemistry 
9 Solutions 
10 Phase Rule and Phase Equilibrium 
11 Polymer Chemistry 
12 Quantum Chemistry 
13 Acid–Base and Other Ionic Equilibria, Buffers and Buffer Action, Indicators 
14 Nuclear Chemistry 
15 Applications of Statistical Thermodynamics 
Miscellaneous Problems 
Appendix 1: CSIR–UGC NET JRF/SET Solved Question Paper 
Appendix 2: GATE Solved Question Paper 
Appendix 3: JAM Solved Question Paper 

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