Public Finance, 30e

Author: Dr H L Bhatia

Publisher: S Chand Publishing [Vikas Imprint]


  • Economic Activities and the State
  •  Meaning and Scope of Public Finance
  • Principle of Maximum Advantage
  • Public Revenue—General Considerations
  • Division of Tax Burden—I
  • Division of Tax Burden—II
  • Incidence of Taxes
  • Classification and Choice of Taxes
  • Effect of Taxation
  • Public Debt
  • Public Expenditure—General Considerations
  • Effects of Public Expenditure
  • Public Budget
  • Balanced Budget and Fiscal Policy
  • Federal Finance
  • Public Undertakings
  • Indian Federal Finance—I
  • Indian Federal Finance—II
  • Public Debt in India
  • Government of India Finances
  • The Indian Tax System
  • Railway Finances
  • Public Sector Undertakings in India
  • State Finances
  • Agricultural Taxation in India
  • Local Finance
  • Comments on Recent Central Government Budgets (2014-15 to 2018-19

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