Taxonomy of Angiosperms

Author: AVSS Sambamurthy

Publisher: IK International


  • Preface
  •  Part I: Principles of Angiosperms Taxonomy: Plant Taxonomy
  •  History of Classification
  •  Systems of Classifications
  •  Current Systems of Classifications
  •  Plant Nomenclature
  •  . Species Problem
  •  Primitive Versus Advanced Characters
  •  Taxonomic Hierarchy
  •  Modern Trends in Taxonomy
  •  Chemotaxonomy
  •  Numerical Taxonomy
  •  Biosystematics
  •  Computerized Systematics
  •  Reproductive Biology and Systematics
  •  Fossil Angiosperms
  •  Origin of Angiosperms
  •  Plant Geography
  •  Endemism
  •  Introduction to Flora of India
  •  Herbaria, Botanical Gardens, Plant Identification and Literature in Taxonomy Part II: Families: More than 200 Families and 160 additional families described. Appendices : Armen Takhtajhan’s Classification
  •  Comparisons of Families
  •  Technical Description of a Plant
  •  Questions of Principles of Taxonomy some Families of Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons
  •  Floral Diagrams and floral Formula of Some families of Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons
  •  Selected References

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