Textbook of Microbiology, 4e

Authors: R C Dubey – D K Maheshwari

Publisher: S Chand Publishing


• Introduction • Classification of Microorganisms • Methods in Microbiology • The Microbial Cells: Morphology and Fine Structure • The Nucleic Acids: DNA and RNA • Gene: Concepts and Synthesis • Genetic Code • Microbial Genetics • Mutation and Mutagenesis • Gene Expression and Regulation • Gene Cloning in Microorganisms: Genetic Engineering • Microbial Metabolism • Bacterial Photosynthesis • Nitrogen Fixation • Viruses-I: General Characters • Viruses-II: Plant Viruses and Sub-viral Agents • Viruses-III: Animal Viruses and Prions Cyanophages and Mycoviruses • Pharmaceutical Microbiology • Industrial Microbiology • Microbiology of Milk, Dairy and Food • Immunology, Defense Mechanism, Immunity and diagnosis • The Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology, Parasitism Chemotherapy • Medical Microbiology-I: Protozoan and Fungal Diseases • Medical Microbiology-II: Bacterial and Viral Diseases • Human Cancer • Cellular Microbiology


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