Watershed Management

Authors: Madhan Mohan Das – Mimi Das Saikia

Publisher: PHI Learning


  1. Concept of Watershed Management
  2. Principles of Watershed Management
  3. Participatory Rural Appraisal in Watershed Program
  4. Soil Erosion and Soil Water Relationship
  5. Management of Natural Drainages in Watershed
  6. Wasteland, Landslide and Land Drainage Management
  7. Hydrologic components of Watershed
  8. Management of Arable Land
  9. Management of Non-Arable Land
  10. Production Systems in Arable and Non-Arable Land
  11. Estimation of Design flood and Design storm in Watershed
  12. Flood Routing in Watershed through Channels and Reservoirs
  13. Flood Damage Mitigation Management in Watershed
  14. Water Harvesting, Recycling and Reuse in Watershed
  15. Watershed Modelling
  16. Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Post Project Management of Watershed

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